2012 Oregon Family Law Conference

2012 Oregon Family Law Conference

This month Lillian Quinn attended the Oregon Family Law Annual Conference. She had the opportunity to meet with other Oregon attorneys and learn an array of pertinent skills to the field.  They gained insight into current family case law as well as maintaining productive working relationships with clients with personality disorders. Here is a sampling of some of the courses she attended:

The 2013 Child Support Guidelines
Jean Fogarty, Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support

Dealing with Upside Down Houses
Eugene Anderson of Davis, Hearn, Bridges & Anderson PC, Ashland
Robert Scherzer, of Scherzer Strom, Portland

Advanced Family Law Discovery: Tips, Cases, Rules & Statutes
Gilbert B. Feibleman, of Feibleman & Case, Salem

Mechanics of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act
Twila B. Larkin, of Sutin, Thayer & Brown APC, Albuquerque, NM

State Family Law Advisory Committee: An Update as to the Status of the Courts
The Honorable Paula Brownhill, Judge at Clatsop County
George W. Kelly, of George W. Kelly PC, Eugene

Conducting Family Law Cases on Appeal: Standards of Rev.
The Honorable Rebecca A. Duncan, Oregon Court of Appeals
George W. Kelly, of George W. Kelly PC, Eugene

Dealing with Clients with Personality Disorders
Judith Neighbours, PhD, of Klamath Falls

Ethics: the Line Between Professionalism and Professional Misconduct
Dayna Underhill & Alison Rhodes, of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, Portland

Family Law Appellate Case Review
Honorable David Brewer, Presiding Judge, Oregon Court of Appeals