Co-Parenting and the Holidays

Co-Parenting and the Holidays

Just a friendly reminder that there can be additional stress on children during holidays.  Protect the kids this holiday season by using the following tips:

1.  Put your kids first by remembering that children love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You should put the children center stage.  Divorce and Separation can be traumatic and try to establish new traditions if the old ones won’t work anymore.

2.  What children really want is your time!  Forget about spending a fortune on items that will go by the wayside, instead plan fun inexpensive events that allow you to hangout with your kids. (ex: go pick up pine cones and do a craft project together, go window shopping, go see Santa, rent a movie and make some popcorn).

3.  Take time for yourself, and be extra gentle, holidays are tough because they bring up a lot of emotions.

4.  Try to be kind to your ex for your children’s sake if not for your own.  Be flexible with who gets to be where on holidays.  Remember, the kids love both of you and it is especially harmful to put them in a tug of war situation.  If you have the kids for Christmas, make sure they are able to touch base with the other parent by phone.  Remember the children are connected to the “other family” as well and they should not have to hide their love for that family from you.

5.  Let go of the bitterness because the person you really help is you!!!

Wishing you a wonderful, loving holiday season!  Lillian Quinn