Senior Divorce

Why not end your long term marriage as friends?

People who have been married a long time (20, 30 or even 50 years) sometimes decide that although they care for their mate, they need to separate from their spouse. Joel Overlund is a divorce lawyer in Bend, with lots of experience with long term marriage splits, known as a senior - or silver, gray - divorce. There must be a fair division of assets and liabilities and often the children are raised, so the real issue is spousal support. Family law attorneys have to be well versed in several areas of law to practice (family, property, estate, tax, bankruptcy, business, etc.) because there are many issues in a case - especially when divorcing after many years together.

People have complicated lives and issues arise:

  • Who gets the family business?
  • What to with do with the house and the mortgage?
  • What about inheritance?
  • What happens to the rental homes we own?
  • What about the time share?

As an experienced family lawyer, Joel can advise on business and real estate solutions as well as how to go about dividing retirement.  Sometimes there is a legal document needed that is called a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) and he can explain about ramifications of dividing the retirement.

Getting a “silver divorce” does not have to be hostile. Joel is able to use mediation and negotiation skills to separate the parties usually within a few months. Often people have children and grandchildren together and Joel finds satisfaction in the parties separating while still being friends. As a divorce lawyer in Bend who specializes in long term marriages that separate, he can offer encouragement, legal knowledge, and help the parties legally untangle in a manner that gives respect to all those years that were spent together.