Lillian Quinn share's about 2016's high school Mock Trial Competition

I have recently finished teaching my semester class of Mock Trial at Bend High.  It was so refreshing to be around high school students who have a love for the constitution and the law.  We have three teams preparing for the high school competition of Mock Trial competition held at the Deschutes County Courthouse on Saturday, February 27, 2016. The criminal case is State of Oregon verses Bobby Dousa that involves a star basketball player who attended a party where students from two rival high school students mingled and a drink was drugged, causing caused the star basketball player some trouble.  The prosecution believes beyondRead More →

February is the month of love, engagements and major life changing decisions.  This Valentine’s Day I hope you have the opportunity to celebrate love in whatever way best suits you!  If you find yourself thinking about proposing or recently having become engaged, congratulations!  The following is a resource to help you determine whether or not you should explore a Prenuptial Agreement. A prenuptial agreement can define a Husband’s and Wife’s responsibility in three areas: divorce, death of a party and financial or other domestic arrangements during the marriage.  The agreement can be simple or it can be very complex.  Simply put, a Prenuptial Agreement predeterminesRead More →

Family Law 2016 New Year's Resolution

The holidays present a special challenge to separated, divorced or divorcing parents everywhere.  This New Year’s, I encourage you to consider adopting one or all of these New Year’s Resolutions.  Our responsibilities as parents begin and end with the best interest of our children.  Regardless of your marital or custody status, you owe it to them to consider the following. A Divorcing Parent’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: I will promise to keep my child’s best interests in mind while going through this divorce or healing from this past divorce. I understand that even though I am traumatized, my child is traumatized, too.  My child needsRead More →

We often are so focused on the kids, the house or our own flood of hard emotions through divorce that we overlook the family pet.  More often than not, I have clients who have family pets and often they don’t know how they want to share or handle them as part of the separation or divorce.  This of course is a very emotional topic for most people.  Especially after long-term marriages, the family has come to consider their pet as a family member. Normally, the couples I work with can reach an agreement about what is best and should happen with the family pet.  IfRead More →

It is holiday time again and I want to share some positive things that can happen in divorce or separation.  I have run into clients who six months or a year after divorce, in some cases even following a long term marriage, could not be doing better.  They tell me their children are thriving and that they are better friends with their former spouse now.  I know this is true because there is no more nitpicking about Husband and Wife issues and that they are now focused only on issues regarding their children.  I can’t help but believe this is more often the case forRead More →

Read more about Lillian Quinn's Family Law Education conference experience

I recently attended the 2015 Family Law Annual Conference held in Lincoln City, Oregon.  There were over 700 family law attorneys present.  The conference provided an excellent opportunity to talk with lawyers all over the state.  We attended classes on a range of subjects: vocational experts and spousal support cases, Deconstructing the Process of Conflict:  How to Support Clients  Without Losing Yourself, QDROphenia, Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact on Family Law, Elder abuse, Social Media and family law, Enforcing Judgments, Taxes in a Dissolution Case, Third party custody cases, Ethics, Parenting time – birth through age three and finally a legislative update as well as a Family Law Appellate Case Review. I really enjoyedRead More →

Clarification of the Most Commonly Confused Terms in Family Law People are often confused about terms used in the family law arena. I have prepared this guide to help clarify some of the family law terms I hear confused most often. By clarifying I hope to help your family to a healthier more positive and peaceful resolution. Please share this guide to confusing family law terms with any parents considering divorce or separation. Sole & Joint Custody I often hear, “I want sole custody so that I can have my kids more often”. The terms sole and joint custody indicate how parents will handle majorRead More →

The new school year will soon be starting and you want to make sure that you are prepared. School clothes and school supplies can add up to be a major expense. These extra items are not generally covered by child support. Make sure you talk to your ex or soon to be ex and have a clear plan of what it is going to cost and who will pay. You will find a lot of frustration if you go out and spend a bunch of money and then find that your ex won’t pay half of the expenses. My suggestion is that the parent whoRead More →

I recently attended a conference in Portland called, “Secrets of a Satisfying Family Practice”. The conference was attended by attorneys and mental health professionals committed to helping people through divorce without litigation. We learned all about collaborative law which involves bringing in professionals to help couples through the process in a constructive, non-hostile way. Professionals involved may include divorce coaches, accountants, child therapists, etc. I attended classes on how to work with other attorneys on cases specifically attempting to keep them non hostile. It was a breath of fresh air to be with other committed professionals, who believe as I do, that there is aRead More →

Just a friendly reminder that there can be additional stress on children during holidays.  Protect the kids this holiday season by using the following tips: 1.  Put your kids first by remembering that children love Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You should put the children center stage.  Divorce and Separation can be traumatic and try to establish new traditions if the old ones won’t work anymore. 2.  What children really want is your time!  Forget about spending a fortune on items that will go by the wayside, instead plan fun inexpensive events that allow you to hangout with your kids. (ex: go pick up pine cones andRead More →