Informal Domestic Relations Trials The Deschutes County family court provides Informal Domestic Relations trials for cases involving: divorce, separation, unmarried parent, and modification cases about child custody, parenting time, and child support. At an Information Domestic Relations trial, the traditional rules of trial are simplified. Only Husband and Wife or Father and Mother appear before the court. Attorneys can be present to give a brief opening and closing statement.  The Judge questions both Husband and Wife. There is no cross examination and parties are limited to expert witnesses. Both parties must agree to this type of trial. In this type of venue, a case usuallyRead More →

2013 Oregon Family Law Conference   Lillian Quinn will be attending the annual Family Law Conference October 10th through October 12th. This is an opportunity for Ms. Quinn to meet with other Oregon attorneys and learn an array of pertinent skills to the field.  She will gain insight into current family case law as well as maintaining productive working relationships with clients with personality disorders. Here is a sampling of some of the courses she plans to attend:     Oregon eCourt Updates and eFiling in Oregon Lisa Norris-Lampre, Oregon Supreme Court, Salem Mark Comstock, Garret Hemann Robertson PC, Salem   Long-Distance Parenting Plans Bradley C.Read More →

New Child Support Calculator Lillian recently attended a presentation for the New and Improved Child Support Guidelines that started July 1, 2013.  Kate Cooper Richardson, the Director of the Oregon Child Support Program along with the general counsel, Mike Ritchey presented the improvements of some of the administrative rules within the confines of the existing statutes (laws).  There was a committee that has worked a year to make these revisions. Oregon requires parents to provide medical health insurance through private insurance if it is affordable and available.  Kate spoke on “cash medical support” and explained that one parent can be made to pay extra moneyRead More →

2013 Mock Trial Competition On February 20, 2013, the Bend High Mock Trial club, coached by Lillian Quinn and assistant coach, Pat McHenry,  joined students from around the state in a Mock Trial competition. While Mock Trial clubs are found in many local high schools, the Bend High Mock Trial club is only three-years-old. When Lillian Quinn’s daughter entered high school, and she became aware that the school lacked a Mock Trial club, she began to pave the way for this club. Bend High’s first Mock Trial club was birthed in 2010. Now three years later, the club consists of thirty vibrant, young students with a zeal for teamwork andRead More →

2012 Oregon Family Law Conference This month Lillian Quinn attended the Oregon Family Law Annual Conference. She had the opportunity to meet with other Oregon attorneys and learn an array of pertinent skills to the field.  They gained insight into current family case law as well as maintaining productive working relationships with clients with personality disorders. Here is a sampling of some of the courses she attended: The 2013 Child Support Guidelines Jean Fogarty, Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support Dealing with Upside Down Houses Eugene Anderson of Davis, Hearn, Bridges & Anderson PC, Ashland Robert Scherzer, of Scherzer Strom, Portland Advanced FamilyRead More →

What There Is To Be Thankful For In Divorce It is Thanksgiving time again and I want to share some positive things that can happen in divorce or separation.  I have run into clients who six months or a year from their divorce could not be doing better.  They tell me their children are thriving and they are better friends with their former spouse.  I know this is true because there is no more nitpicking about Husband and Wife issues and only issues regarding their children.  People love their kids no matter what happens in their marital life.  It is important to be thankful thatRead More →

INDEPENDENT PARENTING WITH AN IMPAIRED PARENT The best possible outcome in a divorce is that you have two healthy parents who can get along and parent the children jointly.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case in the real world.  What if the parent you are dealing with is an alcoholic or addicted to drugs?  Chances are that they are not making the best parenting decisions.  Dave Hakenson, the Deschutes County Mediator, works with couples where this is an issue.  There is a safety parenting plan that can be put in place to protect the children.  Obviously, it is not okay to drive drunk withRead More →

The Importance of Mental Health and Divorce Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful situations that anyone encounters.  In many ways, it is like dealing with a death.  The death of a life you once knew and will no longer have.  There are many steps involved:  denial, anger, sadness, grief and finally acceptance.  It is essential that you seek some mental health counseling if you are struggling through the process.  A trained professional can help guide you and lead you to the path of healing.  We have all met people who still are bitter about their divorces and it is ten yearsRead More →

Home Foreclosures and Divorce Recently, I attending a CLE (continuing legal education) class and learned some information regarding home foreclosures.  Attorneys are required to attend continuing legal education courses and we must report every three years and earn at least 45 credits in order to continue to be bar certified.  This ensures that attorneys are keeping up to date with new changes in the law.  The recent speaker said that as of August 2010 there were 28,000 foreclosures in Oregon.  It is no secret that Central Oregon has been hit hard.  What can you do to stop a foreclosure?  One way is to file aRead More →

FAMILY LAW CAN BE SCARY In this month of ghosts and goblins, I thought it might be appropriate to address some of the pitfalls of family law.  How do cases go from bad to worse???  There are certain things that can scare family law attorneys to death! 1.  Make sure you are providing proper discovery to the other side.  Discovery is what is required at the beginning of a family law case.  It is essential to provide bank records, pay stubs, retirement information, copies of titles, loan information etc. to the other side.  An attorney’s worse nightmare is having a client who tries to “hide”Read More →