Cost and Fees

Attorney Fees and the Cost of Divorce

Initial Consultation:

Our attorney fee for the initial consultation is $150 for 50 minutes.
*Payments are accepted by cash, check or credit/debit cards prior to the consultation.

Limited Legal Services:

The cost of a "typical" divorce limited legal services is $300/hour, with a minimum of 10 hours.
*The fee is determined by the actual issues of your case.  Not all cases need 10 hours of work.

Approximately 90% of cases settle within 10 hours of work.

Other Services:

Attorney will provide legal representation at $300/hour. Additional information provided upon request based upon the specific situation of the case.

Mediation/Collaborative Law:

Attorney fees for mediation range from 4 to 10 hours.

The sessions are billed at $300/hour.

Retain Joel Overlund:

Schedule an initial consultation by calling (541) 318-8038, to learn more about how to avoid costly litigation. At your initial consultation, you will receive more information about how to retain an attorney as your family law attorney, the strategies to reduce your cost of divorce, and options you may not have realized existed in your case.

If you decide to retain Joel, please fill out this  Confidential Questionnaire  and submit it to our office.


Payment of your retainer is accepted by cash, check or credit/debit card.  Once you've decided to hire Joel Overlund, a formal retainer agreement is signed including the payment amount you mutually agree to.

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