Some of the most common divorce questions and family law questions are posed here:

Who would benefit from this non hostile approach to family law?

  • People with children who understand they are parents for life regardless of the newly reorganized family. Even if not all the issues are agreed upon, mediation is a positive tool used by Joel Overlund to encourage compromise between both parties, coming to mutually satisfying solutions.
  • People who want to avoid the cost and devastation of litigation. In litigation, a Judge makes the decision as opposed to the parties themselves. A typical trial where custody is an issue can cost each party an average of $25,000 for attorney costs and fees.
  • People with or without children who want to part in a non-hostile manner with equitable division of their assets and liabilities.
  • People who want an economical option and are comfortable with limited legal services.

What can I expect in a mediation meeting with Joel?
Each individual mediation session lasts from 1-2 hours. There is often preparation and review of documents prior to mediation. There is also often work needed between mediation sessions. Upon reaching an agreement in mediation, as an attorney, Joel can draft the documents needed to be filed with the Circuit Court to finalize the case

What process can I expect if I hire Joel in my family law matter with limited legal services?
Joel will draft and review documents necessary in filing and completing the divorce process or other family law matters. He will provide legal advice and help guide clients through the case. He will attend court status conferences, judicial settlement conferences, and informal hearings if necessary. He only represents one party in the case.

What is a Judicial Mediation Settlement Conference?
If the parties disagree on some issues, then the attorney will mediate the case with a retired Judge. Almost all cases settle through this process.

Do both parties need an attorney?
Joel represents only one party and encourages the other party to seek independent counsel to review the proposed judgment on their behalf. Nearly 50% of cases involve two attorneys. Most often, Joel is able to achieve settlement working with the other attorney.  The Oregon State Bar will not allow attorneys to represent both parties because of the conflicts involved.

How long is the divorce process?
Most clients finish the process in 2-3 months for a low fee.

Can both Parties meet with Joel?
Yes, both parties may come in together for an initial educational consultation. But Joel can only represent one party in the family law matter. Often, the other party can represent themselves, but they are always encouraged to seek independent legal advice.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

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