Unmarried Parents Who Separate

Child Custody, Parenting Time and Child Support

When parents have children together and are not married, it is still important to get legal papers filed with the Court. The three main areas that need to be addressed in the court case are: custody, parenting time and child support. Joel Overlund, as a leading Central Oregon family law mediator and divorce lawyer, is a longtime advocate of co- parenting, and he encourages parents to work together for the sake of their children. As a Bend attorney who has done hundreds of cases, he can guide parents through the maze of custody, what parenting plan might work for them and discuss child support.

Sometimes, there are substance abuse issues or mental health problems and Joel is well versed in dealing with these family issues. Most parents fear that their child will be taken away from them but the attorneys work hard to make sure both parents co- parent their child when it is appropriate. It is important to get child support established so the financial needs are being met.

Children love both parents and the separation is tough on them and it gets especially hard if the parents are engaging in a long drawn out court battle fighting it out for up to a year or longer. Joel works to provide a win/win situation especially for the kids. It is essential to have the proper legal paper work in place because if you don't then there is no legal document in place that states what the parenting time is or who has custody of the children. Mother or Father could pick up the children and drive them to another state and there are no legal limitations because the paperwork is not in place.

It is essential to file the case so that the financial needs can be met. What happens if a parent doesn't pay child support or want parenting time? What if there is a restraining order involved? Can one parent stop parenting time if the other parent is behind in child support? What if one parent does not like the other parent's new love interest?  Do parents split after school activity costs?  What about medical insurance costs for the children?  What about college or vocational training for the children? Joel can address these questions and discuss further issues that involve child custody, parenting time and child support in their initial consultation of 50 minutes.