New Year’s Resolution of a Divorcing Parent The holidays present a special challenge to separated, divorced or divorcing parents everywhere.  This New Year’s, I encourage you to consider adopting one or all of these New Year’s Resolutions.  Our responsibilities as parents begin and end with the best interest of our children.  Regardless of your marital or custody status, you owe it to them to consider the following. A Divorcing Parent’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: I will promise to keep my child’s best interests in mind while going through this divorce or healing from this past divorce. I understand that even though I am traumatized, myRead More →

Family Pets and Divorce – Often Forgotten We often are so focused on the kids, the house or our own flood of hard emotions through divorce that we overlook the family pet.  More often than not, I have clients who have family pets and often they don’t know how they want to share or handle them as part of the separation or divorce.  This of course is a very emotional topic for most people.  Especially after long-term marriages, the family has come to consider their pet as a family member. Normally, the couples I work with can reach an agreement about what is best andRead More →