Lillian Quinn, Bend Family Divorce Attorney

Non Hostile Family Law recognizes that the family continues long after the end of the marriage. Lillian Quinn, with 27 years experience as a divorce lawyer, relies upon her expertise in family law, mediation and negotiation to assist parties in coming to mutually satisfying solutions amidst difficult circumstances.

This practice of law strictly deviates from the traditional litigation process providing parties the option to avoid the strenuous emotional and monetary cost of going to court. Lillian provides a compassionate, quick and efficient way to separate without destroying the children or the parties in the process.


Lillian is a divorce lawyer who works with families who understand that divorce is not the end to the family; it is the reorganization of the family. She is experienced with the different types of custody and the child support rules. The focus of a successful parenting plan puts the children’s needs first and provides parents with the opportunity to parent.


As an experienced Bend lawyer, Lillian provides a non hostile approach for people who decide to separate after 20, 30, even 50 years together. Avoiding family law litigation (fighting it out at trial) is her primary focus so parties can part with a fair division of assets and in a positive, loving manner, especially after having so many years together.