Joel Overlund, Bend Family Law Mediator and Divorce Attorney

Non Hostile Family Law recognizes that the family continues long after the end of the marriage.

Joel Overlund, Attorney Mediator, is an experienced divorce lawyer with 30+ years of family law practice, offering non-hostile legal services, including family law mediation, direct representation, flat fee limited services, and collaborative law. He advocates for fair and efficient results to avoid the high financial and emotional costs of family law litigation.

This practice of law deviates from traditional family law litigation. It helps parties move through a divorce efficiently, inexpensively, and fairly by avoiding court hearings, detailed discovery, depositions, and trials. Joel provides a compassionate, cooperative, quick and efficient way to divorce without destroying the children or the parties relationship with each other in the process.

Joel is a skilled and effective family law mediator. He helps divorcing parties create parenting plans, establish fair child and spousal support orders, and divide real property, retirement plans and other assets equitably. His focus is to help parties reach their mutual “best” agreement.

Lillian Quinn, founder of Non-Hostile Family Law, has retired and is no longer practicing law. She is thankful to all her former clients and the Bend legal community for supporting her over the years.


When it comes to divorce mediation , Joel, as a trained neutral 3rd party mediator, helps parties understand the law involved in their case, and guides them to a mutually agreed-upon fair and just resolution of all issues. Once an agreement is reached, Joel, as an experienced family law lawyer, can prepare all documents to initiate and finalize your divorce or unmarried custody case.

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Joel is a divorce lawyer and mediator working with families who understand that divorce is not the end to the family; it is the reorganization of the family. He is experienced with different types of parenting plans and the establishment of appropriate child support orders. The focus of a successful parenting plan puts the children’s needs first and provides parents with the opportunity to parent.


As an experienced Bend divorce lawyer and mediator, Joel provides a non hostile approach for people who decide to separate after 20, 30, even 50 years together. Avoiding family law litigation (fighting it out at trial) is his primary focus so parties can part with a fair division of assets and in a positive, cooperative manner, especially after having so many years together.