Lillian Quinn Family Law Attorney

Lillian Quinn, is a Bend, Oregon, Family Law Attorney with a unique peaceful and constructive approach to separation and divorce.

Lillian, was born and raised in Helena Montana, graduated from the University of Montana with a BA in English and a BA in Theater and taught high school students before attending law school. She graduated from Northwestern School of Law/Lewis and Clark, in Portland, OR in 1992. She immediately passed the bar and has been certified to practice law by the State of Oregon since 1992.

Lillian practiced traditional family law in Portland, Oregon, and saw first hand the devastation of litigation on families and individuals. She felt that there had to be a better way. When she moved to Bend and opened up her practice in the spring of 2003, she was determined to offer people the chance to avoid litigation. Lillian started Non Hostile Family Law with the intention of providing a low cost civil way to go through the divorce process. She empowers people with legal knowledge so that they can make their own decisions. She is a skilled negotiator and mediator. Lillian's clients are able to make informed decisions as opposed to having a Judge make those same decisions. Clients tend to have a positive experience during a trying time in their life.

Lillian strongly feels that Divorce is not an end to the family; it is the reorganization of the family. Studies have shown that children thrive when there is a non-hostile approach used by parents during the divorce process. People without children will benefit by going through the process in a non-hostile manner. People who want an economical savings and emotional well-being can benefit from the limited legal services she provides. Normally, the divorce process takes two to three months.  Lillian is passionate about the non hostile approach to family law and takes great satisfaction in helping people.

Benefit from Lillian's peaceful and constructive separation or divorce advice by scheduling a low-cost consultation today!  Call (541) 318-8038

Sheri Mays - Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant Sheri Mays

Sheri Mays comes to Non-Hostile Family Law with over 30 years of Title and Escrow experience! Her experience lends an attention to detail.  Sheri will welcome you as soon as you walk through the front door.  She is well versed in all the aspects of family law and how difficult emotionally the process can be.  She is always there to lend a sympathetic ear.  Sheri's experience isn't limited to the office.  A transplant from Arizona, Sheri’s great passion for animals has led her to acquire two horses, three cats and two dogs. She loves Central Oregon and assisting with the various stages of Family Law that Non Hostile Family Law presents her!

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